My Favorite Teacher: Shari de Wever at Hickory Ridge Elementary
By Bella Brune

Shari de Wever grew up most of her life in Wooster, Ohio, and went on to graduate from Triway High School in 1992. She started to study interior design at Bowling Green University then transferred to University of Akron to finish her study in interior design, then later got her degree in 1996.

After she got her degree, she moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina to work at J. Banks Design to interior design restaurants, hospitals, and hotels. A year later she moved back to Ohio, and lived in Canton to work at the Akron Design Firm. Around that time she decided to go back to school to pursue her Master's Degree in Art Education. After her graduation, Brunswick City Schools hired her to work at Hickory Ridge Elementary School in 2002. At that time she lived in West Akron, but then moved to Medina where she still is now.

Now she is married and has two kids of her own, her oldest Cayden, is at Visintainer Middle School, and youngest Zoe, is at Hickory Ridge.

She has also had the opportunity to illustrate a book in the “If Picasso” children’s book series.

“Many may not go on and function as an artist, but I want each and every child who forms a line in my classroom to know that they are a beautiful composition to me,” de Wever says.

Mariah Cain, a former student, says, “I love how when she gives directions she does them in a sweet way, and she is really nice to her students.”

“She's an amazing teacher, the projects we do in her class are both informational and exciting at the same time, and she is overall awesome and fun to do art with!” Taylor Johns, another former student, concluded.