Scene75/BEAT Multi-Year Sponsorship Generates Excitement in Brunswick
By Hannah Wasylko

At its January Board meeting, the Brunswick Board of Education unanimously approved a sponsorship between the Brunswick Educational Access Television BEAT Video Program and Scene75 Entertainment Center.

Funds from the six-year, $12,000 sponsorship will be used to replace aging video equipment for the BEAT, a nationally-recognized, award-winning student-managed and self-funded extracurricular program within the district that teaches “backpack journalism” and TV production skills to students in grades 6-12.

According to terms of the contract, the BEAT will display Scene75’s logo hourly on Cable Channel 22, which the BEAT Program manages, and throughout the BEAT website ( Also, the BEAT will change the name of its popular “SportsBEAT Game of the Week” broadcasts to include Scene75’s logo for two calendar years.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with Scene75,” said John Wasylko, BEAT advisor and Channel 22 manager. “The funds from this sponsorship will help us to upgrade our studio and on-location video equipment, much of which is eight years or older. Plus, we can expand our coverage of Medina County, spotlighting more events and non-profits, which provides more journalistic opportunities to our students.”

In 2016, Scene75 Entertainment, located also in Dayton and Cincinnati, announced plans to expand to Cleveland. Presently, it is converting an 80,000 square foot shopping center into the newest and largest indoor entertainment center in the area. The new facility will be located at 3688 Center Road, Brunswick, and is expected to open in Spring/Summer of 2017.

Scene75 prides itself on its involvement in the communities it serves. It plans on being involved through a variety of special activities, including an annual trick-or-treat, contributing to education through their “learn to earn” program, hosting a special needs program the first Thursday of each month, and much more.

“Northeast Ohio is a special area, and to have the opportunity to add some serious excitement and energy to such a great place is very important to us,” said Robert Sakosky, Scene75 General Manager. “We hope everyone is as excited as we are.”

“Being an active member in the community is important to us,” said Paul Winkler, Scene 75 Assistant General Manager. “We are always finding ways that we can help with our programs, events, and fundraisers. To us, it’s important that we are more than just a place for fun, but a brand that cares about the community and the memories we can help create.”

Visit their website at Contact Sakosky via the Scene75 website.
Sports for Students at Brunswick South
By Elena Franklin

Visintainer Middle School and Edwards Middle School, Brunswick South, are two schools right next to each other in Brunswick, and they have different sports programs with games where any students from either school can attend to support.

One sports program at the schools is Intramural Volleyball for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Students are put onto a team of four to thirteen players. Only parents that have children who play on a team can come and watch, with the games being held in the Edwards Gym.

Some sports for only seventh and eighth graders are Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Field, and Football.

Basketball games are held in the Visintainer Gym about every week, depending on the schedule. The players have practice either every week or every other week until the season ends. There are two teams, boys and girls. Each team has a different game and practice schedule.

At the games, there is a concession stand that sells chips, candy, water, pop, and popcorn. During the games, the Brunswick South Cheerleaders give the players some support and during half time they do their practiced chant for the game.

Faith Glass, a soon to become basketball player for Visintainer, says “I think the games are great, especially the basketball games. I love to watch the players bring on their best game every time there is a game. I really enjoy hearing and watching the cheerleaders do their chants. It’s amazing how we get to participate in many sports in seventh and eighth grade. And one of the best things is as sixth graders we can watch and learn how to play the sports next year.”

Another activity that these middle school students can play is Cross Country, and Track and Field. There are two separate teams, girls and boys. The groups have a meet every week for Cross Country, and the athletes run in the open, like at parks or different open spots. Track and Field in an indoor running group where the students participate in hurtles and races.

Layla Hasan, sixth grade student at Visintainer, stated, “Middle school sports are great for kids because it keeps everyone active, productive, fit, and it keeps everyone moving. There are also many different kinds of sports that give kids multiple choices on what they want to do.”

Cavaliers Offer Hope for Sports Fans
By John Zuppo

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a horrible start to 2017 having a record of 7-8, which made Cleveland not feel like the champions they are.

The Cavaliers began February undefeated, and people in the Cleveland area started to feel like the champions they are.

“They can try there best and that is all I really care about,” told Jonathan Kashou, Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

Medina County also seems to have more energy and be more happy, with the Browns winning only one game last season and the Indians losing the World Series in October, the Cavs are the beacon of hope.

Ian Arbutina told, “You will have loyal fans and the bandwagoners. You get to see who are the real and loyal fans when when you see bad times for teams.”
BEAT Students Selected as 2017 Akron Rubberducks Video Interns

Lilian Cox and Jonathan Yokiel, newest Game Day Video interns for the Akron RubberDucks
By John Wasylko

Lilian Cox, a junior at Brunswick High School (BHS) and BHS sophomore Jonathan Yokiel were selected as 2017 video interns for the Akron Rubberducks AA baseball team. Both are members of the award-winning Brunswick BEAT Video Program.

Cox and Yokiel join current BEAT members Allison Rhoades (BHS senior), Hannah Wasylko (BHS junior) and BEAT alum Gabe Wasylko as members of the Rubberducks video production crew this season.
UAW Showcases Unique Pets

BEAT Reporter, Gabby Reck and Keith Gisser, Executive Director of Herps Alive Foundation.
By Gabby Reck

If you are allergic to furry creatures, a reptile just might be the pet for you!

Every month at the United Automobile Workers (UAW) Hall in Brook Park there is the Cleveland Reptile Show where you can find a variety of different types of reptiles. To enter the show, the admission fee is $5.

There is a number of vendors with at least 40 reptiles that come in. The vendors are helpful, and they will answer any questions you want to see if a certain reptile is the right pet for you. You can also learn how to take care of the pet and they have all the equipment you will need, including food.

Maybe a reptile just isn't for you, but they also have other animals for show like tarantulas, toads, frogs, and sometimes guinea pigs or hedgehogs.

The Cleveland Reptile Show showcases different and unique pet ideas for those that cannot have traditional house pets.