Excitement Builds for Scene75 Grand Opening

Go-kart track at Scene 75.
By Alyssa Murral
Looking for an exciting place to hang out with friends or family where everyone can have fun? Scene75 is the new entertainment center in Brunswick that caters to all ages and audiences, promoting that there is something for everyone. They plan to open in early August. Robert Sakosky, Scene 75 general manager, said, “We still have a lot to do, but it’s going to happen quickly.” He is referring to the finishing touches and completion of the attractions and food court area.

This is the first location with a “Food Truck Alley,” which consists of four permanent food trucks with a variety of options. Guests can purchase food from the Boca Loca Burrito Factory, The Proper Pig Smokehouse, River Dog Cafe, or Sauced Wood Fired Pizza and enjoy it at home or eat at tables in the building. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, Scene75 will be open from 11am-10pm, on Friday from 11am-1am, and Saturday from 10am-1am.

As far as the main entertainment goes, Jonah Sandler, founder and CEO of Scene75, said, “[Our] attractions come from vendors across the world.” These include over 110 arcade games, mini-bowling with 6 lanes and up to 12 people per lane, two 9-hole 3D blacklight mini-golf courses, and 10 different virtual reality experiences. There are also electric go karts, a “gothic” city-like two-level laser tag arena, “Spinzone” bumper car area, laser maze with 4 different levels, and a 4D “X Rider” theater with 8 seats and 10 different experiences.

But how do visitors pay for all the games and activities? Simply swipe a Scene75 “game card” at each attraction to pay for play, anywhere from $1-$10. A VIP card takes 20% off games, and Wednesdays are special VIP nights with added discounts and privileges.

Scene75 is holding a VIP Night on Thursday, August 22 from 6pm-9pm where all attractions are free, and guests can buy food from Food Truck Alley and receive a complimentary $10 arcade card. If interested, the staff asks visitors to RSVP to Dawn Meyer, the business development manager, by August 16th.

Even without a VIP card -- which staff members say is worth it to invest in -- money can be added to a regular game card and ticket points can build up to be redeemed at the prize gallery. Those with a small number of ticket points can choose to redeem for small prizes, such as a water bottle, hat, candy, a gift card, stuffed animals, or a coffee mug. Those with a large number of ticket points will be able to redeem for larger prizes, such as designer purses, playstations, televisions, or even autographed sportswear like a helmet or jersey.

VIP Night is just one example of a special event that will take place at Scene75 besides the usual game play. Other events planned include an indoor Trick or Treat in October, cornhole tournaments, Big Brother/Big Sister with local police, and on the first Thursday of every month, all attractions are free for special needs guests. Scene75 will also host birthday parties, company events, fundraisers, and is already sponsoring many organizations around Brunswick.

Scene75 has hired 100 employees for the new entertainment center, with half being from Brunswick, including over 50 high school students. Savanna Weaver, one of the guest service managers, said that something she loves about working at Scene75 is the fun environment. “[I] love the people here, [we’re] one big family, it’s different,” she said. Weaver says she would encourage others to apply, and community members can check the company’s Facebook page for job openings and open interview slots.

One of Weaver’s responsibilities as a guest service manager is to walk around the facility to make sure guests are having a good time. In order for all visitors to continue to have a good time, the staff asks that guests help to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of their facility by being respectful of others, the attractions, and the building.

Sandler said, “Out of all our locations, this is turning out to be spectacular.” People from across Northeast Ohio will visit the friendly, helpful, and dedicated staff of the Brunswick location of Scene75 once it opens. Make sure to check Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook for updates and behind the scenes pictures on finishing touches. Also tune in to television and radio stations to find out when the best family entertainment center in North America opens. Get excited because Scene75 is excited to be in Brunswick!

To RSVP for the VIP Night, email Dmeyer@scene75.com.

Mini-golf area at Scene 75.
Premier Athletics Tutor Future Sports Stars

Premier Athletics instructor Ivanon Coffie works with Ethan Bocanegra on his technique.
By Lilian Cox

Parents sometimes invest in their children’s sports instruction when they are young. This helps to create a strong foundation that could help pave the way to something great.

Premier Athletics, and indoor baseball facility in Valley City, provides instruction, training and support for budding baseball players throughout Northeast Ohio seven days a week. Additionally, high school baseball teams rent out this facility to further player quality.

“Premier Athletics evolved from Premier Baseball over four years ago,” said Dave Borgia, part-owner. “The former owner of Premier Baseball asked if I would be interested to buy the business. I then asked Dan Williams, an instructor at Premier Baseball at the time, if he would also be a partner. Jeff Ray became another partner as well,” he added.

Williams, a former Indians player and bullpen coach, provides major league knowledge and experience, which helps to create a professional atmosphere.

Premier employees include many coaches and instructors who have played in the major, minor and college levels. At Premier, one could find batting and pitching cages, an indoor turf field, and a weightlifting facility for players to use while training.

“The people who come to Premier are the normal everyday parents who are looking for the best place to have their son or daughter learn and training for baseball and softball,” says Borgia. There are 21 baseball teams from 8U to 18U. Also, there are five girls’ fast-pitch teams ranging from 12U to 18U. One summer collegiate team completes Premier’s roster.

One event that takes place at Premier in March is the Prep Baseball Report. “We do our own showcase for our baseball players,” said Borgia. “We put their numbers and videos onto the website so colleges can view them,” Williams added.

Premier Athletics hopes to grow to offer more services in the future. “We do not promise anything we cannot deliver, and we stand by our work,” Borgia commented. “We just teach baseball, the best way we know,” Williams added. “Successful players are a by-product of that.”

Premier tryouts dates for 2018 summer baseball are the weekends of July 29th-30th, and August 5th-6the throughout the day. Contact Borgia at (330) 220-8533 or email thepremierathletcs@gmail.com for more information. Or, visit their website at www.thepaohio.com .
Potter’s Pirates Give Back to Brunswick
By Jonathan Yokiel

The sun was shining bright on Sunday, July 9 while Potter’s Pirates, a traveling baseball team, was offering car washes for the community at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Brunswick. Any proceeds that were donated will benefit Brunswick Eagles’ Christmas Basket Fund, which helps out the needy during the holiday season.

This is certainly not the only service project that Potter’s Pirates participates in. The team travels around numerous communities to volunteer their time for different projects.

It all started when Jeff Potter, the creator and coach of the team, wrote a book about how baseball has changed throughout the years. He explains that baseball has become too serious, and lost its sense of innocence.

In 2010, Potter decided to create a team to travel around to 16 cities to play baseball for the pure purpose of fun.

“We just like people to know that this is a different way of doing baseball. It’s just fun and innocent, not all just serious,” explains Potter. “To give back, we also do a lot of charity work in most of the cities that we go to.”

For the past eight years, the team has gone on a month-long tour throughout Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. On these tours the team of 13 to 15 year old boys play baseball, put on clinics to teach children the fundamentals of baseball, and do charity projects that benefit important causes in different communities.

This is the first year that Noah DiTullio, player for Potter’s Pirates, has gone on the tour. He says his favorite part is putting on the clinics to help children. “I would just like to thank Coach Potter for this awesome experience.”

“My favorite part of the tour is watching the kids grow and participating in community service projects,” Dennis Shirley, parent and chaperone of the tour, tells, “This is the most fun I have had in a long time!”

The 2017 Tour began on July 1 and will go through the end of the month. During their time in the Cleveland area, Potter’s Pirates also volunteered with The Miracle League in Medina, which gives special needs children and adults the opportunity to play baseball. They also played a traditional game of baseball in Berea over the weekend.

David Ungham, member of Brunswick Eagles, has known Potter for many years and allowed the team to hold the car wash at the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Being a retired soldier, he loves being able to give back to the community, rather than taking something away.

“You don’t realize that when you give something to someone else you are actually gaining more for yourself,” Ungham advises.

Potter’s Pirates will leave Cleveland to travel to Pittsburgh, and end their tour in the Virginia Beach area.

For more information on Potter’s Pirates visit http://jeffpotterbaseball.com/.

“We plan to continue this for many years to come, and always spread the importance of kids giving back and paying it forward,” Potter concludes.